Burkert 431570 (00431570) 2/2-way-rocker valve

Burkert 431570 (00431570)
Item Number: 431570 (00431570)
2/2-way-rocker valve. Compact design with 16 mm width.
Total price: 106.59
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2/2-way-rocker valve. Compact design with 16 mm width.


  • Burkert Type 6126
  • Article: 431570 (00431570)
  • 6126-A00,8FFMSMM41-0-BCY/UC-04 *CZ24+JB04+NB07

Burkert rocker valves have a diminutive rocker that work the isolated diaphragm to separate actuator from the media. Valve is in all 16 mm wide. Each valve is appointed with an LED display and push-on tube connections. The installed rocker technology is differences by sound sealing of the valve seat with complete back pressure. Cross contamination is eliminated due to good rinsing capability, and low internal volume maximizes the use of the medium. A rocker with sealing seats alternately closes valve seats for the air supply and for up cast of the outlet channel, similarly to the pivoted-armature valve. Solenoid valves with rocker technology are approachable with or without isolating diaphragm.


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