Burkert 444761 (00444761)
Pressure switch with display

Burkert 444761 (00444761)
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Pressure measuring device with an extra-large display.
Item Number: 444761 (00444761)
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Pressure measuring device with an extra-large display.


  • Burkert Type 8311
  • Article: 444761 (00444761)
  • 8311-NS84-VAFF-KZ-B-F1-A-BCV/DC-A *ML65

Burkert pressure switch with a large display intended for valves switching in the regulation systems. A switch point is programmed via 3 keys on display or from an outer comptroller through the input analog signal of 4-20 mA. The actual value can be restored in an analog signal. Through standard fittings the device is simply mounted in any pipeline. The base unit turns on load cells that apply the changes of electric resistance, arising up a few materials at tension and squeezing. Such load cells may vary from each other thanks to technology, it hangs on structural and functional features, as well as on integration into processes.


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