Burkert 554860 (00554860)

Burkert 554860 (00554860)
pH measuring system for hygienic applications.
Item Number: 554860 (00554860)
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pH measuring system for hygienic applications.


  • Burkert Type 8201
  • Article: 554860 (00554860)
  • 8201-SV29-VD00-00-0-00-0-000/00-0 *KD88

Measurement system Type 8201 pH is appropriate for dimension absolute pH values in liquids between 0... 12 pH at medium temperatures up to 140 °C and operating pressures max. 6 bar. Tribute to its hygienic design and strong glass-free construction, this type is particularly suitable for use in hygienic operation. An instance is the manufacture of food products and active components, in the course of which the pH of a fluid environs, including viscous or solids, is gauged. The awfully smooth enamel surface of the pH electrode averts the medium from adherence and is very easy to clean in line. Owing to its solid structure and high temperature and chemical resistance, the electrode remainder in the process even throughout CIP cleaning. This means that dear retractable fittings can be dispensed with.


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