Burkert 554862 (00554862) PH-electrode

Burkert 554862 (00554862)
Item Number: 554862 (00554862)
pH measuring system for measuring absolute pH values in liquids
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pH measuring system for measuring absolute pH values in liquids


  • Burkert Type 8201
  • Article: 554862 (00554862)
  • 8201-PG13-VDAB-00-0-00-0-000/00-0 *ND16

Burkert Type 8201 pH measurement system 554862 (00554862) is suitable for metering absolute pH values ??in liquids between 0... 12 pH at middle temperatures up to 140 °C and operating pressures maximum 6 bar. Owing to its hygienic styling and strong glass-free design, this model is particularly appropriate for apply in hygienic processes. An instance is the manufacture of food products and active element, during which the pH of a liquid surroundings, including viscous or solids, is measured. The exceedingly smooth enamel external of the pH electrode prevents the average from sticking and is easy to pure in line. Payable to its strong construction and high fever and chemical resistance, the electrode oddments in the process even throughout CIP cleaning. This means that expensive retractable fittings can be dispensed with.


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