Burkert 555556 (00555556) Pressure Transmitter

Burkert 555556 (00555556)
Item Number: 555556 (00555556)
Pressure Transmitter, 0-16 BAR.
Total price: 178.20
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Pressure Transmitter, 0-16 BAR.


  • Burkert Type 8314
  • Article: 555556 (00555556)
  • 8314-GM82-VAFF-KZ-B-F1-2-BEN/DC-A *ML60+NL02

The pressure sensor is allotted for most industries that utilize pressure measurement technology. These sensors correspond to the highest guideline for mechanical stress, electromagnetic compatibility, and functional reliability. Intended for utilization in a wide range of industrial use. The main features of these pressure switches are their high long-term stability, as well as their strong and compendious design. Wetted parts are made of rustproof steel.


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