Burkert 561841 (00561841)
Vibrating filling level switch

Burkert 561841 (00561841)
Vibrating level switch with tuning fork and double relay.
Item Number: 561841 (00561841)
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Vibrating level switch with tuning fork and double relay.


  • Burkert Type 8111
  • Article: 561841 (00561841)
  • 8111-FA25-VH00-N4-0-S1-J-BED/DC-T *PF05

Burkert level transmitters are sensors that implement point level switching and uninterrupted check. Devices with point level switches are utilized to characterize if a level has achieved a concrete value. Two types of such equipment are accessible. The liquid level switch is a unique appliance for measurement the level of varied liquids in vessels and containers for manufacturing, food, chemical or other production, etc. Burkert produces the following types of level transducers: ultrasonic, radar, guided microwave, hydrostatic. The option of one type or another rely on the situation in what it is exploited. Each level switch of any fluid checking strict grade control, consequently the correctness of its functioning exclusively performing with the specified standards.


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