Burkert 566386 (00566386) Pressure Transmitter

Burkert 566386 (00566386)
Item Number: 566386 (00566386)
Pressure transmitter without display.
Total price: 146.30
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Pressure transmitter without display.


  • Burkert Type 8316
  • Article: 566386 (00566386)
  • 8316-GS82-VDFF-KZ-B-F1-2-BEN/DC-A *ML62

Burkert Type 8316 is a compact pressure transmitter that replying to the highest requirements in the areas of mechanical stress, electromagnetic compatibility, and operational reliability. It is used for industrial applications. In the case of aggressive media against which rustproof steel is not resistant, process compounds made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) are available. |In the event of aggressive environments to which the rustproof steel is not stable, available technological connection polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). The pressure sensor includes a piezoresistive measuring cell with a diaphragm assembled in a stainless steel housing.


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