Burkert 641115
Graphite seal

Burkert 641115
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Graphite seal, DN50

  • Burkert easy fluid control SYS
  • 641115
  • Graphite seal
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Burkert graphite seal for valves with DN50.


An electromagnetic (solenoidal) valve is a device with which you can control the flow of liquids and gases.
Valves differ among themselves primarily in the type of actuator and purpose. They can be direct and indirect action
In direct-operated valves, the solenoid stem acts directly on the diaphragm located above the seat. That is, it directly opens and closes the valve.

In indirect control, another micro-valve is additionally used for this purpose.

Despite the design features, the basic elements in all devices are relatively the same.

Consider the example of the Burkert solenoid valves, they consist of:

  • Enclosures
  • Coils
  • Core
  • Springs
  • Core tubes
  • Electrical systems

The most important elements of the system are the coil and core.

The most popular of direct solenoid valves are:

  • plunger
  • lever
  • swing

Each of the species has its own design features and scope.


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