Burkert Type 1078
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Burkert Type 1078
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The Burkert 1078 time relay has a built-in microprocessor for controlling the switching times of solenoid valves. Up to 4 different types of switching are available. The time relay 1078 is mounted directly to the solenoid valve coil with a DIN 43650 form A connector instead of a cable connector.

The setting and the switching times are set by means of DIP switches and potentiometers. The status of the relay and the supply voltage is indicated by means of 2 LEDs.

Burkert Type 1078:

60620 (00060620)1078-1-BBM/56-B-1
60621 (00060621)1078-1-BBN/UC-B-1
60629 (00060629)1078-2-BBN/UC-B-1
60630 (00060630)1078-2-230/56-B-1
60647 (00060647)1078-1-BBT/DC-B-1
60648 (00060648)1078-2-012/DC-B-1
60659 (00060659)1078-1-BBM/56-B-1 *NA15
60668 (00060668)1078-1-048/UC-B-1 *NA15
190897 (00190897)1078-1-137/DC-B-1 *MZ17
415630 (00415630)1078-1-BBM/56-B-4 *KM71+Z306
553108 (00553108)1078-1-BBN/UC-B-3
95775606 (95775606)1078-2-230/56-B-1 *Z757


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