Burkert Type 2000 465373
2/2-Way Angle Seat Valve

Burkert Type 2000 465373
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Burkert 465373 2/2-way angle seat valve

  • Long service life: The stainless steel or brass body ensures a long service life of the valve.
  • High flow capacity: the valve has a virtually straight channel, which ensures high flow capacity.
  • Robust actuators: the valve actuators are made of robust materials and have a modular accessory system that allows them to be adapted to different requirements.
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Burkert 465373 2/2-way angle seat valve

The Burkert 465373 is a pneumatically operated 2/2-way angle seat valve with a classic design. It has a stainless steel or brass body with a threaded, clamped or welded connection. The valve has a long service life, high flow capacity and robust actuators with a modular accessory system.


  • Type: 2000
  • Valve type: 2/2-way angle valve
  • Actuator: pneumatic
  • Body: stainless steel or brass
  • Connection: threaded, clamping or welding
  • Operating temperature range: -10 to 185 °C
  • Operating pressure range: 0 to 16 bar
  • Default state: closed
  • Seat material: PTFE

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