Burkert Type 6213
2/2-way-solenoid valve, servo coupled

Burkert Type 6213
  • DN 8-40 mm,
  • pressure 0-10 bar
Item Number: Type 6213
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Burkert 6213 is 2/2 Way Type solenoid valve with spring-loaded diaphragm. It is a universal valve for liquids A minimum differential pressure of 0.5 bar is required for full opening (the HP series operates without a differential pressure).


  • Diameter up to DN40
  • The spring diaphragm opens without a pressure drop.
  • Low noise level (due to damped housing design)
  • User-friendly and compact design for a variety of applications
  • “Kick and Drop” technology, which allows you to significantly reduce electricity consumption
  • Increased flow rate

The main Types:

The opening process for Burkert 6213 solenoid is carried out by means of a spring coupling between the membrane and the core. As standard, the burkert 6213 a 3 4 valve is suitable for use in liquids. Full opening requires a minimum pressure drop between inlet and outlet.

The standard brass body burkert 6213 ev a13 meets the requirements of European drinking water quality standards.

To reduce power consumption burkert 6213 a 1 2, all coils can be supplied with an electronic power reduction device. The burkert solenoid valve 6213 (burkert valve 6213) a are IP65 rated with DIN EN 17301-803 Form A connector and NEMA 4X when fitted with a stainless steel body.

Distinctive features of these burkert 6213 solenoid (6213 ev burkert) are: economical design, low power consumption, high performance.


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