Burkert Type 6650 00182284
Flipper Solenoid Valve 4,5 mm

Burkert Type 6650 00182284
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Flipper Solenoid Valve with separating diaphragm 4,5 mm

Item Number: Type 6650 00182284
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Flipper Solenoid Valve with separating diaphragm 4,5 mm


  • Burkert Type 6650
  • Article: 182284 (00182284)
  • 6650-A00,4CCPKFB19-0-024/BA-CM

Direct acting flipper-solenoid valve designed for neutral gases and fluid. By moving between the two end location, the changeover element seals one of the two in front of valve seats and connects the other to the working orifice. This movement is summoned by the magnetic field of the solenoids pushing a permanent magnet that is affixed to the flipper element. In addition to its singular productivity, the flipper principle is particularly marked by very low switching noise and low wear and tear. Depending on the operating conditions, various flange connections are available, appropriate for both distinct and block assembling.

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