Burkert Type 8175
Ultrasonic level transmitter

Burkert Type 8175
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Burkert 8175 ultrasonic level transmitter integrates an ultrasonic sensor and a remote sensor with a great 8-digit multi-language display in a splash-proof IP65 plastic enclosure for remote operation.

Power from 18...32 VDC and the Burkert easy level 8175 transmitter has a three-wire 4-20 mA output for direct control of a continuous control valve, PLC, or for monitoring.
An additional two 3A relays can be configured as alarms or latched for automatic filling or emptying operations.

Burkert Type 8175:

430823 (00430823)8175-GS89-PD00-US-A-F1-C-BAC/DC-A *MP04
430824 (00430824)8175-GS89-PD00-US-A-F1-C-BAC/DC-G *MP04
436567 (00436567)8175-0000-0000-00-A-F1-E-BAC/DC-A *MP04
436568 (00436568)8175-0000-0000-00-A-F1-E-BAC/DC-G *MP04
436569 (00436569)8175-0000-0000-00-A-F1-F-BAC/DC-A *MP04
436570 (00436570)8175-0000-0000-00-A-F1-F-BAC/DC-G *MP04


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