Burkert Type 8221
Conductivity sensor 4 poles

Burkert Type 8221
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Burkert 8221 Conductivity meter or Aseptic Conductivity Sensors are used to measure the electrical conductivity in various pure or concentrated liquids.

Due to their hygienic design and robust construction, these sensors are appropriate for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries or in the biotechnology and chemical industries.

Two different technologies are used in the conductivity sensors:

  • Dual electrode sensors, which are suitable for measurements in clean liquids, especially ultrapure water. Contamination affects the measurement process
  • Sensors with four electrodes prevent polarization effects and are insensitive to contamination.

The well design guarantees high linearity over the entire measurement range.

Burkert Type 8221:

557719 (00557719)8221-TM46-PKAA-R7-A-F1-7-000/00-0 *JW12+NK52
559120 (00559120)8221-TM47-PK00-RA-A-F1-O-000/00-0 *NK52
559121 (00559121)8221-VV47-PK00-R7-A-F1-O-000/00-0 *NK52
562261 (00562261)8221-TM46-VAAA-C2-A-F1-S-000/00-0 *JW10+NK52
562420 (00562420)8221-TM46-PKAA-R7-A-F1-O-000/00-0 *NK52
563186 (00563186)8221-PG13-PKAA-RA-A-F1-O-000/00-0
564898 (00564898)8221-TM46-VAAA-C1-A-F1-S-000/00-0 *JW10+NK52
564899 (00564899)8221-TM46-VAAA-C3-A-F1-S-000/00-0 *JW10+NK52


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