Burkert Type 8400
Temperature switch with display

Burkert Type 8400
Item Number: Type 8400
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Intelligent sensor/relay with large display specifically designed for limit value monitoring, on/off control, and continuous control loops.

Two versions of the 8400 type are available:

  • compact
  • wall-mounted

The wall-mounted version is mounted in a pre-mounted holder on the wall and connected to a remote temperature sensor. The triggering points can be programmed via the pushbuttons directly on the display or from a PLC via a 4 ... 20 mA input.

Burkert Type 8400:

436501 (00436501)8400-GS84-VAFF-T2-A-S1-2-BCV/DC-Z
436503 (00436503)8400-GS84-VAFF-T2-A-S1-6-BCV/DC-W
444696 (00444696)8400-GS84-VAFF-T2-A-S1-6-BCV/DC-8
444698 (00444698)8400-NS84-VA00-T2-A-S1-6-BCV/DC-8
448847 (00448847)8400-GS84-VAFF-00-A-S1-6-BCV/DC-W
448862 (00448862)8400-0000-0000-00-A-S1-4-BCV/DC-Z
550053 (00550053)8400-GS84-VAFF-T2-A-S1-6-BCV/DC-W *ML09
550054 (00550054)8400-GS84-VAFF-T2-A-S1-6-BCV/DC-W *ML97
550055 (00550055)8400-GS84-VAFF-T2-A-S1-6-BCV/DC-8 *ML09
550056 (00550056)8400-GS84-VAFF-T2-A-S1-6-BCV/DC-8 *ML97
95774974 (95774974)8400-GS84-VAFF-T2-A-S1-6-BCV/DC-8 *JB12+ML09+Z757


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