Burkert Type 8611 EControl ext FREQ NPN

Burkert Type 8611
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Burkert 8611 universal regulator is designed to control the flow of fluids, pressure or temperature for electrically or pneumatically controlled systems.

Depending on the version, the burkert econtrol 8611 has analog input and output signals as well as up to 2 PWM signals to control proportional valves or control pneumatic valves.

The integrated Hall sensor allows the 8611 to be mounted directly on the S030 fitting.
Especially for temperature control, it is possible to arrange a cascade structure with associated flow control.

Burkert Type 8611:

177091 (00177091)8611-A-E-D-6-12-0-02-1-01-6-09
177454 (00177454)8611-A-E-D-6-12-0-02-1-01-2-09
177455 (00177455)8611-A-E-D-6-12-0-01-1-06-3-09
177456 (00177456)8611-B-E-D-6-12-0-08-1-01-6-09
177457 (00177457)8611-B-E-D-6-12-0-08-1-01-2-09
177458 (00177458)8611-B-E-D-6-12-0-09-1-01-3-09
177460 (00177460)8611-C-E-D-6-12-0-24-1-01-6-09
177462 (00177462)8611-C-E-D-6-12-0-24-1-01-2-09
177463 (00177463)8611-C-E-D-6-12-0-25-1-01-3-09
182383 (00182383)8611-C-E-D-Y-14-0-24-1-01-2-09
186289 (00186289)8611-C-E-D-6-13-0-24-1-08-1-09
204639 (00204639)8611-A-E-D-6-13-0-02-1-08-1-09
204642 (00204642)8611-B-E-D-6-13-0-08-1-08-1-09
204643 (00204643)8611-B-E-V-A-13-0-08-1-08-1-09
210206 (00210206)8611-C-E-D-6-10-S-11-1-KL-7-09


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