Burkert Type 8690
Pneumatic control unit top act. 210X

Burkert Type 8690
Item Number: Type 8690
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Burkert 8690 pneumatic starting devices is designed for decentralized automation of ELEMENT 21xx direct flow pneumovalves. Mechanical or inductive limit switches determine the valve position. An integrated pilot valve controls single-acting or double-acting actuators.

The design of the pilot and actuator allows the internal supply of operating air without external flexible piping. In addition to electrical and optical position indication, the status of the device is shown on the display of the pneumatic actuator.


  • Integrated pilot valve with manual override mechanism
  • Compact design
  • Integrated control air supply into the actuator
  • Optical position indication ATEX II Cat. 3G/D and Cat. 2D/G
Burkert Type 8690:
225883 (00225883)8690-E3-00-FA03-E-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227189 (00227189)8690-00-I2-FA03-0-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227192 (00227192)8690-00-I2-FA05-0-Y-KD-00-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227193 (00227193)8690-00-I2-FA05-0-Y-MP-00-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227195 (00227195)8690-00-M2-FA03-0-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227198 (00227198)8690-00-M2-FA05-0-Y-KD-00-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227213 (00227213)8690-D2-M2-FA05-E-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227215 (00227215)8690-E3-00-FA03-E-Y-KD-S6-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227216 (00227216)8690-E3-I1-FA03-E-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227220 (00227220)8690-E3-I2-FA03-E-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227222 (00227222)8690-E3-I2-FA03-E-Y-MP-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227223 (00227223)8690-E3-I2-FA03-E-Y-MP-S6-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227224 (00227224)8690-E3-I2-FA05-E-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227225 (00227225)8690-E3-I2-FA05-E-Y-KD-S6-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227229 (00227229)8690-E3-M1-FA03-E-Y-KD-S6-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227233 (00227233)8690-E3-M2-FA03-E-Y-KD-S6-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227236 (00227236)8690-E3-M2-FA05-E-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02
227237 (00227237)8690-E3-M2-FA05-E-Y-KD-S6-0-0-0-0 *PU02
264969 (00264969)8690-E3-I2-FA05-E-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PX03
265145 (00265145)8690-00-N2-FA05-0-Y-KD-00-0-0-0-0 *PX16
265146 (00265146)8690-E5-N2-FA05-X-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PX16
265154 (00265154)8690-00-I1-FA03-0-Y-KD-GW-0-0-0-0 *PU02


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