Burkert Type 8840
Modular once-through valve block

Burkert Type 8840
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Modular once-through valve block - distributor and manifold

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Together with the device type 8840 you get ready to install the valve assemblies in the form of proven ramjet Bürkert valves. Modular valve assemblies can be installed anywhere, leak tight and are highly compact. In this case, there are no costs for fastening in the pipe or connecting elements.

Valve assemblies in DN10 are screwed together and sealed with a graphite ring. All assemblies flow under the seat to avoid hazardous pressure surges when handling fluids.

Types of actuators:

  1. The CLASSIC actuators (stainless steel, plastic), which are controlled centrally via valve blocks or pilot valves.
  2. The ELEMENT drives provide simple decentralized automation thanks to the distributor heads.


  • Compact design with no possible leak points
  • No installation costs
  • No piping between valves
  • Reliable drives for easy automation


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