Burkert Type MS06 Flow injection analysis (FIA) sensor

Burkert Type MS06
Item Number: Type MS06

Fully automated water sampling with adjustable analysis interval

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Burkert has developed an FIA (flow injection ­analysis ) module for the measure of dissolved iron (Fe2+/Fe3+) for use in the online analysis system, which combines all necessary components including control in a minimum of space.

The special feature of Burkert’s FIA module is its consequent miniaturisation using microfluidic components. FIA has been used in laboratories for many years for quantitative analyses. With the FIA module, the method can now be used for the first time as a field device and continuously monitor the iron content of a measuring point.

In the flow injection analysis, the reagent is added to a water sample via a pump. The microfluidic mixing section after injection ensures uniform and complete mixing.The measuring liquid then passes through a photometer, which measures the absorption over time. From the detected peak-shaped signal, the iron content can be determined photometrically and is then available for the control, monitoring and documentation of the water treatment.

Miniaturisation of the measuring unit and compatibility to all EDIP modules enable use in the Online Analysis System Type 8905. By plugging it into the fluidic backplane slot, the electrical and fluidic connections are made via the connection panel of the system. The measuring module communicates with the system via b?S, allowing fully automatic login to the online analysis system. If the iron measuring module is plugged into the system, it is included in the list of b?S members and further adaptations to customer requirements can be made.


  • Fully automated water sampling with adjustable analysis interval
  • Miniaturised for a compact system design
  • Economical consumption of reagents
  • Fully compatible with buS systems and a wide range of further analysis sensor cubes


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