Burkert Type SE30
Inline flow sensor

Burkert Type SE30

Type SE30 is electronic module for flow meters.

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Type SE30 is electronic module for flow meters.

Easy attachment of electronics to fitting with bayonet lock.

The flowmeter type 8030 and the flow transmitter type SE30 combined with a sensor-fitting are intended exclusively to measure flow rate in liquids.


  • Ambient temperature: –15 °C...+60 °C
  • Air humidity < 80%, non condensated
  • Protection: IP65
  • Housing PC
  • Supply voltage 12...36 V DC
  • Current consumption
    - Hall version - 30 mA max.
    - Hall Low Power version - 0,8 mA max.
The 8030 fits into the S030 sensor fitting installed on the pipe. The SE30 mounts to the S030 sensor fitting using a quarter-turn system.
423912 (00423912)SE30-0000-PC00-R5-B-F7-L-000/00-L
423913 (00423913)SE30-0000-PC00-R3-B-F3-L-BDN/DC-Z
423914 (00423914)SE30-0000-PC00-R3-B-F3-L-000/00-4
449693 (00449693)SE30-0000-PS00-R6-B-F7-L-000/00-0
449694 (00449694)SE30-0000-PS00-R6-B-F3-L-BDN/DC-Z
552353 (00552353)SE30-0000-PC00-R3-B-F3-L-BDN/DC-Z *PX13
552901 (00552901)SE30-0000-PS00-R3-B-F8-L-BED/DC-T *PE62
553455 (00553455)SE30-0000-PS00-R3-B-F8-L-BED/DC-T *PE64


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