VFD-E Inverter Drive

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Frequency converter

  • Voltage: 380-480 V
  • Output Frequency: 0.1-600 Hz
  • Rated power: 0.75 kW
Item Number: DELTA VFD007E43T
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The DELTA VFD007E43T is a Variable Frequency Drive designed to provide users with adjustable speed control of their motors. This VFD is powerful and reliable, providing a wide range of features to ensure optimal motor performance.


  • Supports a wide range of motor types
  • User-friendly operation and setup
  • High efficiency operation
  • Built-in over-voltage and over-current protection

Inverter Delta vfd007e43t is the perfect choice for users who need reliable and adjustable speed control of their motors. With its powerful output and wide range of features, this VFD is sure to meet all your motor control needs.


Voltage380-480 V
Number of phases3
Output Frequency0.1-600 Hz
Rated output current2.5 A
Rated power0.75 kW
Pollution degree2
Vibration resistance9.80665 m / s 2 (1G) to 20 Hz, 5.88 m / s 2 (0.6G) from 20 to 50 Hz
Engine controlvector torque control
Overheat protectionyes
Degree of protectionIP20
Overload capacity150% for 60 sec
Installation TypeWall Mount
Relay output1
Digital Output1
Analog output1
Discrete inputs6
Analog inputs2
Operating temperature-10...+ 50 °С
Storage temperature-20...+ 60 ° С
Dimensions142 × 72 × 152 mm
Weight1.2 kg

Delta VFD007E43T Inverter is a sensorless AC micro drive from VFD-E series.

Frequency converters of the Delta VFD-E series are intended for use in the food industry, in the field of metal processing, in the textile industry and paper production, in other industries where equipment that works with the help of electric motors is used.

The main task of the Delta frequency converters of this series is to adjust the speed of the electric motor of various equipment. Such chastotniks have a large functional set.

Features and Benefits of the VFD-E Series:

  • Volt-frequency and vector control algorithms.
  • The built-in programmable logic controller allows you to flexibly adapt the drive for a wide range of automation tasks without the use of external devices
  • Built-in RS-485 (MODBUS) port, as well as additional network modules Profibus, DeviceNet, LonWorks and CANopen
  • Advanced protection functions, including full over current protection, current limiting and overvoltage prevention, short circuit protection, automatic restart, speed search and motor overheat protection
  • Possibility of remote control with LED indicator and built-in potentiometer. It is also possible to operate the product without a control panel


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