EBM-Papst D4E180-CA02-36

Centrifugal fan
EBM-Papst D4E180-CA02-36
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D4E180-CA02-36 model is centrifugal type of motor fans. They have forward-curved blades, dual inlet and casting with large flange. Material of housing is hot-galvanised sheet steel. Counter-clockwise and seen on rotor direction of rotation.

Can be suited to any mounting position. Model has axial cable exit, ball bearings and insulation class B.

Technical characteristics:

  • Type of motor: M4E068-LA.
  • Number of phases: one.
  • Voltage (nominal): 230V.
  • Nominal frequency: 50-60 Hz.
  • Size: 180mm.
  • Data definition: RFA.
  • Standards: UL, CE.
  • Speed (min): 1250, 1170, 1280.
  • Power input: 380W, 540W, 295W.
  • Current: 1,68A; 2,4A; 2,16A.
  • Capacitor of motor: 10 μF.
  • Capacitor voltage: 400VDB.
  • Ambient  temperature(maximum): 30 - 60 °C.
  • Leackage current: < 0,75mA.
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