Eltra AAM58B12/13B10/30PFN6XXM12R.162

Absolute Multiturn Optical Encoder
Eltra AAM58B12/13B10/30PFN6XXM12R.162
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The AAM 58 is an absolute multiturn optical encoder manufactured by ELTRA. OptoASIC technology is installed in the device.

Models with B and C letters have a solid hollow shaft and are fixed by special flange. Presented device has a synchronizing flange with diameter of 50 mm.


  • Size[mm]: 58 .
  • Diameter of synchronous flange[mm]: 50.
  • Multiturn Resolution[bit]: 12 .
  • Singleturn resolution[bit]: 13 .
  • Code Type: binary.
  • Power Supply[V]: 10...30 DC.
  • Electronic interface: PROFINET IO.
  • Solid Shaft Diameter[mm]: 6.
  • Enclosure Rating: IP65.
  • Output Type: 3xM12 radial connectors.
  • Without mating connectors.

The sensor has a high level of protection and good  durability to temperature changes. Such encoder is perfect for use in industrial automation systems in factory production.

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