Eltra EA115A256B8/28PPX10X6PDR
Absolute encoder

Eltra EA115A256B8/28PPX10X6PDR
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with REO-444 flange.
Item Number: EA115A256B8/28PPX10X6PDR
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with REO-444 flange. Encoder size 115 mm. Resolution: 256 ppr.

An Eltra absolute encoder is an angle directional encoder that translates an angular position or shaft motion to either analog or digital code. A rotary absolute encoder determines its position via a static check point. This avoids loss of information in the event of a system restart or power loss. Visual angle encoders provide fine resolution and are therefore recommended in applications with demands for high exactness and precision.

The EA115A256B8/28PPX10X6PDR Absolute Rotary Encoder combines a resolution of 256 pulses per revolution with a robust design. Ideal for precision control applications, it ensures accurate position feedback, contributing to the reliability and efficiency of industrial automation systems. Its durable construction makes it a dependable choice for demanding environments.


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