Eltra EA115A4096B12/28FXX11X6P3R
Absolute encoder

Eltra EA115A4096B12/28FXX11X6P3R
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute with PROFIBUS
Item Number: EA115A4096B12/28FXX11X6P3R
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute with PROFIBUS

The Eltra absolute encoder is an angle position encoder that translates an angle stance or shaft movement into an analog or digital code. The rotary absolute encoder senses its location with a permanent check mark. This avoids information loss in case of a system restart or power loss. Vertical directional encoders provide high-resolution and are therefore recommended in applications with demands for high accuracy and precision.

The EA115A4096B12/28FXX11X6P3R Absolute Rotary Encoder offers high resolution and durability. Ideal for precision control applications, it ensures accurate position feedback, contributing to improved efficiency in industrial automation. Its robust construction makes it suitable for diverse industrial environments, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.


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