Eltra EA115A8192G8/28PPX10X6PDR
Absolute encoder

Eltra EA115A8192G8/28PPX10X6PDR
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with REO-444 flange.
Item Number: EA115A8192G8/28PPX10X6PDR
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with REO-444 flange. Encoder size 115 mm. Resolution: 8192 ppr.

An Eltra absolute encoder is an angular position encoder that translates an angular position or shaft movement into an analog or digital input. A rotary absolute encoder determines its location using a static check mark. This prevents loss of information in case of a restart of the system or loss of power. The optical directional encoders provide high resolution and are highly suitable in applications with precision and neatness.

Featuring a resolution of 8192 pulses per revolution, the EA115A8192G8/28PPX10X6PDR Absolute Rotary Encoder delivers high precision. Its versatile configuration and durable construction make it suitable for various industrial applications, providing accurate and reliable position feedback to enhance the overall efficiency of automated systems.


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