Eltra EA58B4096B8/28PPL10X3MAR
Absolute encoder

Eltra EA58B4096B8/28PPL10X3MAR
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with synchronous flange (diam. 50 mm).
Item Number: EA58B4096B8/28PPL10X3MAR
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with synchronous flange (diam. 50 mm). Encoder size 58 mm. Resolution: 4096 ppr.

Eltra EA58B solid shaft absolute encoders can be with parallel or SSI electronics. Resolutions of parallel encoders are up to 13 bits and 8192 ppr. The Eltra EA58B guarantees great durability under the harshest industrial applications. Available for output with several e-devices. The SSI series is developed to satisfy the newest data serialization philosophy of information output. Typical output for these encoders is data of a 13-bit word.

The EA58B4096B8/28PPL10X3MAR Absolute Rotary Encoder combines a resolution of 4096 pulses per revolution with a robust design. Ideal for precision control applications, this encoder ensures accurate position feedback, contributing to the reliability and efficiency of industrial automation systems. Its durable construction makes it a dependable choice for demanding environments.

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