Eltra EA58C1024G8/28PPX10X3MAR
Absolute Singleturn Optical Encoder

Eltra EA58C1024G8/28PPX10X3MAR
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Singleturn Absolute Encoder.

Item Number: EA58C1024G8/28PPX10X3MAR
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Absolute Singleturn Encoder with solid shaft and optic sensor technology (OptoASIC). It is perfect for factory automation application.
Parallel electronic interface.

Size: 58mm.
Resolution: 1024ppr.
Diameter of fixing flange: 36mm
Code Type: gray
Power Supply: 8...28 V DC.
Shaft deameter: 10mm.
Output type: PUSH PULL.
Positive logic.
To be reported if not used.
Enclosure rating: IP 66.
Rotation speed: 3000 rpm max.
Radial 19 poles MS type connection.

Featuring a resolution of 1024 pulses per revolution, the EA58C1024G8/28PPX10X3MAR Absolute Rotary Encoder is designed for high-precision applications. Its durable construction and versatile configuration make it suitable for various industrial settings, providing accurate position feedback to enhance the overall efficiency of automated systems.

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