Eltra EA58C4096G8/28SXX10X3MCR
Absolute encoder

Eltra EA58C4096G8/28SXX10X3MCR
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with clamping flange (diam. 36 mm).
Item Number: EA58C4096G8/28SXX10X3MCR
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with clamping flange (diam. 36 mm). Encoder size 58 mm. Resolution: 4096 ppr.

EA series single-turn absolute encoders suitable for all type of use, they are available in capacities up to 4096 ppm and in multiple styles with a variety of types of flanges for even worse environments. The optical encoder is used for manufacturing automation processes. Eltra SSI encoder design simplifies electrical and reduces mounting expenses. It sends information in consecutive mode making use of only 2 channels (DATA and WATCH), whatever the amount of bits of the encoder.

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