Eltra EA63A360G8/28PPX10S3PDA
Absolute encoder

Eltra EA63A360G8/28PPX10S3PDA
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with synchronous flange (diam. 31,75 mm).
Item Number: EA63A360G8/28PPX10S3PDA
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with synchronous flange (diam. 31,75 mm). Encoder size 63 mm. Resolution: 360 ppr.

The optical singleturn encoders series EA is made to be adaptable to every type of application, it is accessible with resolution up to 13 bit and a supply voltage up to +28 VDC. The output information for this range is actually generated in a 13-bit word, like the default range, in which the payload bytes are numbers proportional to the resolution chosen for the encoder. This encoder type well decreases the cabling issue yet still keeping the performance of the device. The EA encoders are provided with output cable or connector and can achieve a degree of protection IP67 depending on the version.

The EA63A360G8/28PPX10S3PDA Absolute Rotary Encoder is designed for precision control in industrial automation. With a resolution of 360 pulses per revolution and a robust design, it ensures accurate position feedback, contributing to the reliability and efficiency of automated systems in various applications.

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