Eltra EA63A8192B12/28FXX10X3P3R
Absolute encoder

Eltra EA63A8192B12/28FXX10X3P3R
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with PROFIBUS.
Item Number: EA63A8192B12/28FXX10X3P3R
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Solid shaft singleturn absolute encoder with PROFIBUS.

The EA 58 - 63 Profibus absolute type determines a rotary encoder which arrives with a fieldbus interface. This encoder can differentiate its maximum resolution. Eltra EA 58/63 series of one-turn encoders with solid shaft conform to the PROFIBUS DP standard and correspond to a predefined profile for encoders. Version with Profibus DP interface retains the same highest permission (8192 pos. /Turn) and efficiency features of the stand-alone variant, but adds the potential and flexibility typical of a Profibus DP network.

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