Eltra EA63DX4096G8/28PPX8S3PDR0,5+MA.991
Absolute encoder

Eltra EA63DX4096G8/28PPX8S3PDR0,5+MA.991
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Stainless steel singleturn absolute encoder.
Item Number: EA63DX4096G8/28PPX8S3PDR0,5+MA.991
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Stainless steel singleturn absolute encoder.

The Eltra absolute encoder is an angular position encoder that translates an angle stance or shaft movement to either analog or digital code. An absolute rotary encoder senses its location using a permanent check point. This avoids loss of information in the event of a system restart or loss of power. Vertical directional encoders offer high-resolution and are thus suitable for applications with demands for high accuracy and precision.

The EA63DX4096G8/28PPX8S3PDR0,5+MA.991 Absolute Rotary Encoder delivers high precision with a resolution of 4096 pulses per revolution. Ideal for applications requiring accurate position feedback, it enhances control and efficiency in industrial automation. Its versatile configuration makes it suitable for various settings, providing stable and precise performance.

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