Eltra EAM58AR128/2G8/28PPX6X6PDR.960 Absolute encoder

Eltra EAM58AR128/2G8/28PPX6X6PDR.960
Item Number: EAM58AR128/2G8/28PPX6X6PDR.960
Solid shaft multiturn absolute encoder.
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Solid shaft multiturn absolute encoder. Encoder size 58 mm.

Eltra multi-turn EAM 58 / 63 ABCDE encoders are available with parallel or SSI electronics. The EAM 58-63 series is engineered for industries requiring excellent precision, even in broadened linear displacements, as well as mechanical and electronic features that provide better productivity even in the most demanding conditions. Multiple flanges and sturdy mechanic parts, this series can be used in such a wide range of devices assuring superior features even in the most tough production environments. The line comprises devices made with a degree of protection IP 66, with the possibility to be used in harsh external conditions.


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