Eltra EAM58CR8/4096G8/28PPX10S3PER Absolute multiturn shaft encoder

Eltra EAM58CR8/4096G8/28PPX10S3PER
Item Number: EAM58CR8/4096G8/28PPX10S3PER

Solid shaft multiturn absolute encoder with clamping flange (diam. 36mm). Rev. 2.0.

Total price: 709.84
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The EAM 58 is optical multiturn encoder with an absolute operation principle. For measurements it using OptoASIC technology.

Model C is connected using a solid shaft and  special flange with Ø 63 mm. As electrical interface, device uses BitParallel.


  • Model:58 C
  • Multiturn resolution: 4096
  • Code type: grey
  • Power supply[V]: 8/28 DC
  • Electrical interface: push-pull
  • Logic: positive
  • Enclosure rating: IP66
  • Output type: 32 core cable
  • Direction type: radial

EAM uses gray code for data processing and transmission. This can significantly improve the reliability of the results. Device perfectly suited to perform tasks in industrial automation systems.


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