Eltra EAM58FR128/1024G8/28SXX10S3MCR
Absolute encoder

Eltra EAM58FR128/1024G8/28SXX10S3MCR
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Absolute encoder

Item Number: EAM58FR128/1024G8/28SXX10S3MCR
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  • Standard factory encoder.

  • Multiturn with blind hollow shaft.

  • Multi turn/single turn resolution: 128 turns/1024 ppr.

  • Mounting by stator coupling.

  • Synchronous serial interface . SSI encoder simplify the wiring and reduce installation costs. It transmits data in a serial mode by using only two signals (DATA and CLOCK), independently from the number of bits of the encoder.

  • rev. 2.0.

  • 10 mm hollow bore encoder (diameter).


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