Eltra EAM63D4096/4096G8/28PPX10X3PER Absolute encoder

Eltra EAM63D4096/4096G8/28PPX10X3PER
Item Number: EAM63D4096/4096G8/28PPX10X3PER

Solid shaft multiturn absolute encoder with centering square flange (diam. 31,75 mm).

Total price: 885.80
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Solid shaft multiturn encoder with centering square flange (diam. 31,75 mm).

For standard industrial use.
Multi turn/single turn resolution: 4096 turns/4096 ppr.
To be installed by centering square flange (31.75 mm diam).
Push pull electrical interface. It uses a complementary transistor. This gives the opportunity to increase frequency performances, such as longer cable connections and an optimal data trasmission even at high working speed.
Positive logic.
10 mm shaft encoder (diameter).
With 32 cores cable.

Encoder size 63 mm.


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