Eltra EAM63DR256/4096B12/28FXX883P3R

Absolute Multiturn Optical Encoder
Eltra EAM63DR256/4096B12/28FXX883P3R
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ELTRA EAM63DR256/4096B12/28FXX883P3R

Absolute rotary multiturn encoder with solid shaft.
With Profibus.

Size: 63mm.
Diameter of centering square flange: 31.75 mm. (rev. 2.0)
Multiturn resolution: 256.
Singleturn resolution: 4096.
Code Type: binary.
Power Supply: 12...28 V DC.
Electronic Interface: PROFIBUS DPV0 CLASS2.
Logic and options: to be reported if not used.
Bore Diameter: 8mm.
Shaft Diameter: 8mm.
Enclosure Rating: IP66.
Rotation Speed: 3000 rpm max
Radial cable glands.

Series is recommended for application where a very high precision is required.

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