Eltra EAM63FR4096/8192G8/28SXX12X3MCR
Absolute encoder

Eltra EAM63FR4096/8192G8/28SXX12X3MCR
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Blind Hollow shaft multiturn absolute encoder with spring. Rev 2.0.
Item Number: EAM63FR4096/8192G8/28SXX12X3MCR
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Blind Hollow shaft multiturn absolute encoder with spring. Rev 2.0. Encoder size 63 mm.

Industrial optical rotary angle sensor with blind hollow shaft. With a resolution 27 bits, SSI, Bit Parallel or push-pull, connector or cable link, hollow shaft width 15 mm. Eltra EAM 58F - EAM 63F-G encoders use an energy collection system based on the Wiegand effect in the rotary speed measurement process. It requires no energy supply or accumulator.

With a resolution of 8192 pulses per revolution, the EAM63FR4096/8192G8/28SXX12X3MCR Absolute Rotary Encoder delivers high precision and durability. Its versatile configuration makes it suitable for diverse industrial applications, providing consistent and reliable position feedback.

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