Eltra EAMX80A16/128G8/28SXX10X3PR
Absolute encoder

Eltra EAMX80A16/128G8/28SXX10X3PR
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Explosion proof ATEX multiturn absolute encoder.

Item Number: EAMX80A16/128G8/28SXX10X3PR
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Explosion proof ATEX multiturn absolute encoder.

The multi-rotary encoder means an extended version of a singleturn encoder. An absolute multiturn encoder is commonly utilized if the encoder will detect movements of its shaft even if the product is not supplied with external power supply. In addition to counting and monitoring data about current angular object position, it displays data about several other settings. The device may indicate numbers of turns and speed.

The EAMX80A16/128G8/28SXX10X3PR Absolute Rotary Encoder is designed for precision control in industrial automation. With a resolution of 16 pulses per revolution and a robust design, it ensures accurate position feedback, contributing to the reliability and efficiency of automated systems in various applications.

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