Eltra EAX80A - EAX80D
Absolute encoder

Eltra EAX80A - EAX80D
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Explosion proof ATEX singleturn absolute encoder 

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Explosion proof ATEX singleturn absolute encoder 

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An Eltra absolute encoder is an angle position encoder that changes an angular position or shaft motion into an analog or digital code. A rotary absolute encoder determines its position using a permanent check mark. This avoids information loss in case of a restart of the system or power loss. The optical angle encoders guarantee high-resolution and are thus suitable for areas with accuracy and precision.

The EAX80A - EAX80D Absolute Rotary Encoders are versatile solutions designed for precision control in industrial automation. With a focus on accuracy and durability, these encoders provide consistent position feedback, contributing to the overall performance and reliability of automated systems in various industrial applications.

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