Eltra EAX80A4096G8/28SXX10X3PR
Absolute encoder

Eltra EAX80A4096G8/28SXX10X3PR
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Explosion proof ATEX singleturn absolute encoder with synchronous flange (diam. 40 mm).
Item Number: EAX80A4096G8/28SXX10X3PR
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Explosion proof ATEX singleturn absolute encoder with synchronous flange (diam. 40 mm). Encoder size 80 mm. Resolution: 4096 ppr.

The Eltra absolute encoder is an angle directional encoder that changes an angular stance or shaft motion to either digital or analog code. The rotary absolute encoder determines its position with a permanent check mark. This prevents information loss in the event of a system restart or loss of power. The optical angle encoders ensure high-resolution and are therefore suitable for areas with precision and neatness.

The EAX80A4096G8/28SXX10X3PR Absolute Rotary Encoder delivers high precision with a resolution of 4096 pulses per revolution. Ideal for applications requiring accurate position feedback, it enhances control and efficiency in industrial automation. Its versatile configuration makes it suitable for various settings, providing stable and precise performance.

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