Eltra EAX80A4096G8/28SXX10X3PR2.807
Singleturn Absolute Optical Encoder

Eltra EAX80A4096G8/28SXX10X3PR2.807
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Item Number: EAX80A4096G8/28SXX10X3PR2.807
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  • Singleturn with solid shaft.
  • ATEX sertification. For use with hazardous and explosive areas.
  • Mounting by 40 mm synchronous flange.
  • Synchronous Serial Interface. 
  • It transmits data in a serial mode by using only two signals (DATA and CLOCK), independently from the number of bits of the encoder. 
  • It reduce installation costs and simplify the wiring.
  • 10 mm shaft encoder (diameter).
  • Housing and bearings from anodized aluminium.

The EAX80A4096G8/28SXX10X3PR2.807 Absolute Rotary Encoder offers precision and reliability. With a resolution of 4096 pulses per revolution, it provides accurate position feedback for improved control and efficiency in industrial automation. Its robust design makes it suitable for demanding environments, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.


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