Eltra EBMA2-8
Standard magnetic tape

Eltra EBMA2-8
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Standard magnetic tape to be used with ETMA. 2mm pitch for ETMA.
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Standard magnetic tape to be used with ETMA. 2mm pitch for ETMA.

The EBMA magnetic tape comprises 3 layers and is intended for utilization with the sensor type ETMA 1/2. Flexible magnetic tape is constructed of ferrite connected to a matrix of nitrite rubber. Tape made of stainless steel is to be utilized to defend against any outside currents of magnetism and other external factors. It is also bonded to the overlay to make the magnetic tape the right mechanical strength. Magnetic-transparent steel ribbon with the function of mechanical defense of the magnetic layer; this is the hardest item, therefore it comes separately due to the transportation and use.

The EBMA2-8 incremental linear encoder is a pinnacle of precision engineering, designed to meet the highest standards of industrial applications. This encoder excels in delivering accurate position feedback, ensuring optimal control in diverse settings. Its robust construction guarantees durability, making it a reliable component for machinery operating in challenging environments. The EBMA2-8 is a trusted companion in industries where precision and reliability are non-negotiable, contributing to the seamless and efficient functioning of critical processes.

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