Eltra EC34A500Z5L10M
Incremental encoder for rack

Eltra EC34A500Z5L10M
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Incremental encoder for rack with automatic slack recovery.
Item Number: EC34A500Z5L10M
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Incremental encoder for rack with automatic slack recovery. Encoder size 34 mm. With zero pulsee. Resolution: 500 ppr.

The EC34 Incremental linear encoder with automatic backlash recovery. This type of encoder was created to facilitate linear measurements instead of linear incremental system and to overcome the issues of dimensions long-range. Encoder enclosed in a solid aluminum body is manufactured with a preloading system which allows the automatic restoration of slack between pinion and rack.

The EC34A500Z5L10M Absolute Rotary Encoder offers high precision and durability. With a resolution of 500 pulses per revolution, it provides accurate position feedback for improved control and efficiency in industrial automation. Its robust design makes it suitable for diverse industrial environments.

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