Incremental hollow shaft encoder
Eltra EF36K4L1024Z5L8X3PR0,55

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ELTRA EF36K4L1024Z5L8X3PR0,55
Blind Hollow Shaft incremental encoder.

Size: 36mm.
Blind hollow shaft with rear fixing.
4 Poles.
Electronic interfacefor comunication sygnals: line driver.
Power supply: 5 V DC
Resolution: 1024ppr.
With zero pulse.
Enclosure rating: IP40.
Electronic interface for incremental signals: line driver.
Bore diameter: 8mm.
Max rotation speed: 3000rpm.
Radial cable output with standard length 0,3 m)

Series is recommended for feedback control systems on AC servomotors. It is interchangeable with size 15 Resolver in the back of the motor.