Eltra EF49P6L2048Z5L9,5X3PR
Incremental encoder with through hollow shaft

Eltra EF49P6L2048Z5L9,5X3PR

Incremental encoder with hall effect for work in AC servomotors feedback systems.

Item Number: EF49P6L2048Z5L9,5X3PR
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Encoders EF 49 are optical encoders with incremental operation principle. They have a through hollow shaft. Such devices can combine the usual incremental sensor and encoder with the Hall effect.


  • Series: Incremental encoder with hall phases EF ;
  • Model: 49P Trough hollow shaft ;
  • Motor poles: 6 poles ;
  • Electrical interface for commutation signals: line driver RS-422 ;
  • Incremental resolution[ppr]: 2048 ;
  • Zero pulse: with zero pulse ;
  • Pover suply [V]: 5 ;
  • Electrical interface for incremental signals: line driver ;
  • Bore diamerer [mm]: 9,5 ;
  • Enclosure rating: IP 40 ;
  • Max rotation speed [rpm]: 6000 ;
  • Output type: radial cable

This model is very easy to install in the system. Devices of this series also have small dimensions. Such encoder are great for working in the feedback systems of asynchronous motors.


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