Eltra EF80C8C2000S5L-8X3PR
Incremental hollow shaft encoder

Eltra EF80C8C2000S5L-8X3PR
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Hollow shaft incremental Encoder.
Several output types available.

Item Number: EF80C8C2000S5L-8X3PR
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Hollow shaft incremental Encoder.
Several output types available.

Size: 80mm.
Blind hollow shaft.
Poles of the motor: 8.
Output for hall phases: NPN open collector.
Resolution: 2000ppr.
Without zero pulse.
Power supply: 5 V DC
Output type for incremental signals: line driver.
Bore diameter: 8mm.
Enclosure rating: IP54.
Max rotation speed: 3000rpm.
Radial cable output with standard length 0.3 m.

Series is recommended for AC servomotor of feedback systems.

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