Eltra EH115A1024Z8/24L-Z8/24L10X3PR Incremental encoder

Eltra EH115A1024Z8/24L-Z8/24L10X3PR
Item Number: EH115A1024Z8/24L-Z8/24L10X3PR
Solid shaft incremental encoder with REO-444 flange.
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Solid shaft incremental encoder with REO-444 flange. Encoder size 115 mm. With zero pulse. Resolution: 1024 ppr.

The EH 115 A / R is a series of encoders that are appropriate for extreme and severe applications with requirements of high mechanical durability. This EH 115 AR is provided with a plug compatible with the REO-444 type tachometer producer. This encoder EH115 can be mounted with flanges or fixing clamps. Incremental encoders are intended to detect angular displacement and speed relative to the initial point.


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