Eltra EH115A1024Z8/24L/1024Z8/24L11X3PR
Incremental solid shaft encoder

Eltra EH115A1024Z8/24L/1024Z8/24L11X3PR
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Item Number: EH115A1024Z8/24L/1024Z8/24L11X3PR
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Incremental Encoder with solid shaft.

Size: 115mm.
Fixing flange: REO 444
Resolution: 1024 ppr.
With zero pulse.
Power Supply: 8 ... 24 V DC.
Electronic interface: line driver.
Shaft diameter: 11mm.
Encosure rating: IP 54
Rotation speed: 3000 rpm max
Radial cable output (standard length 1,5m).

Series is recommended for critical enviroments with high mechanical resistance requirements.

Eltra EH 115A-R is a models of products that are appropriate for critical and severe conditions with requirements of great mechanical durability. The version is equipped with a fork compliant with the REO-444 type tachometer-generator. The EH 115 encoders can be mounted with flanges or fixing clips. Encoder EH115 are designed to determine angle and speed displacement relative to the initial position.

The EH115A1024Z8/24L/1024Z8/24L11X3PR optical solid shaft encoder is synonymous with precision and reliability in industrial automation. With advanced technology and a solid shaft design, this encoder delivers accurate position feedback for optimal machinery performance. Its adaptability allows seamless integration into diverse applications, contributing to enhanced efficiency and stability.

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