Eltra EH115A90/2000S8/24P11S3MR.250 Incremental encoder

Eltra EH115A90/2000S8/24P11S3MR.250
Item Number: EH115A90/2000S8/24P11S3MR.250
Solid shaft incremental encoder with REO-444 flange.
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Solid shaft incremental encoder with REO-444 flange. Encoder size 115 mm. Without zero pulse. Resolution: 2000 ppr.

EH 115 A/R is a series of products that are suitable for critical and severe environments with high mechanical strength requirements. This model is equipped with a fork suitable for the tachometer-generator type REO-444. Model can be attached with flanges or locking clips. Incremental encoders are designed to detect angular displacement and speed relative to the starting point.


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